Steps to buying

  1. Choose a section – baby, girl, boy, woman, man or accessories – and type of garment.
  2. Look at the product/s you are interested in. Click to enlarge the garment from the front, back or in detail and you can also see what it is made of, the sizes available, check your size, the colour, the reference number and the price.
  3. Select a garment and click on the basket. You can then choose to either carry on shopping or place the order.
  4. To carry on shopping repeat the process though, to place your order, you will need to log in
  5. Once you have entered your details, check they are correct and click on “confirm”.
  6. You will receive your order by express post. Make sure the despatch and billing directions are correct.
  7. Select the form of payment: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, etc.
  8. Confirm your order.
  9. You will receive confirmation by e-mail.