About us

BIOTACTEX: A philosophy, a business.

BIOTACTEX is the result of direct contact with the public, which is where the best ideas came from to create a line of clothing made from bamboo fibre. This initiative offers a real solution to skin problems for people of all ages who are especially sensitive to dermatitis and allergies, including babies, young people, adults and elderly people.

With your comfort and that of the people you love the most in mind, the only path open to BIOTACTEX was that of strict respect for the environment, both in the production and treatment of the raw material and in making the clothes themselves. In fact, BIOTACTEX conducts exhaustive monitoring of the whole production process for its garments, ranging from official certification for the raw material through to every one of the steps leading up to the finished product, including the design, organic cotton sewing thread and labels and an nickel-free anti-allergic closures.

Did the philosophy make the company or did the company come up with the philosophy? It matters little: the result will become clear to your five senses when you take your BIOTACTEX garment out of the gift box tied up with a big bow. Until then you might not have realised just how much BIOTACTEX has to offer in terms of comfort and health. But then you will realise that its touch on your skin is like nothing you have ever felt. Or it might remind you of a very tender caress...

The BIOTACTEX code of ethics:

  1. All our paper and cardboard comes from recycled materials or from forests monitored by the FSC or similar bodies.
  2. Our biodegradable protective bags are made of potato starch (PatBag).
  3. Our organic products are backed by a stamp.
  4. We only market ethical, ecological products, excluding any which, even if they are ecological, do not come from a proven ethical manufacturing and distribution process.
  5. We give priority to products made in the EU or within a 1,000km radius of Barcelona in order to foster local crafts and employment.
  6. Our suppliers have to guarantee their ethics and fair working conditions for their employees
  7. We give preference to suppliers who work with Fair Trade criteria